Discovering Bacco’s team.
Claudio Luca Bacco Managing director

Claudio Luca

Managing director

«What is Bacco? The will of redemption of a land. The ambition of being on the tables of the Italians, and of foreigners. The proof that our youth are well-taught and efficient. BECAUSE WE DO NOT EMIGRATE, WE EXPORT!»

Ilary Rey

Ilary Rey

Marketing director

«Not only manners of speaking, but manners of doing! Consumers are at the centre of our world. We daily work passionately and determinedly, we try and try again product innovations to get the best results. The research and development departments work very well, altogether in an orderly way, but the creative moment is something else: it is empathetically feeling market needs and requests. In Bacco, the genius is the feature that keeps the team together. In human evolution the genius is an essential condition, without it one may invent but a few things».

Domenico Serravalle

Domenico Serravalle

Head of production

«I’ve been working in Bacco for 10 years. The element that has always characterised our products is quality. The raw material, production techniques, lab workers’ artisanal skills: this all serves to express the maximum quality, with the highest transparency within all our inner chain. Humbleness, sacrifice and team spirit tie together our production team».

Federico Rey

Federico Rey

Manager of commercial distribution chain

«Bacco represents a great opportunity in my professional growth, as it daily enhances me to acquire new skills in line with my university curriculum. A developing original and young company that aims at product quality, that tries to best organise commercial relations with openness and professionalism. I can but thank Bacco as it has enlarged my skills and knowledge. I’m proud to be part of such a big reality».

Ilary Rey

Antonio Rinaldo

Chief administrative officer

«I’ve been working in Bacco since September 2015 and I can but thank all friends and colleagues in the company that greeted me in such a big family. This is our strength: being organised as a bit company with a familiar atmosphere. Bacco, a place where professionalism and friendship walk together to create authentic specialities and delicacies. To sum up: Bacco, how sweet is life!».

Gabriella Immormino

Gabriella Immormino

Head of the commercial department

«My opinion on Bacco is highly positive; I’ve been integrated into an environment of people that can collaborate and achieve their goals. It is a great pleasure to work every day in a well-structured and organised company. Our commercial strength is based on professionalism, reliance and care to customer satisfaction, together with the awareness of making an extraordinary product. These are essentially starting points in order to achieve the aim of developing as we have planned in medium and long term».

Paola Marchetti Bacco

Paola Marchetti

Head of relations with LOD and abroad

«I’m the only one in Bacco’s family who is not born in Sicily and I’ve become a Sicilian in my soul. Bacco is the most winning football team that always scores a goal because we are united, quick and friends, where everyone plays his/her professional role with great passion, as we have the common target of making “life sweet”».

Ausilia Castiglione Bacco

Ausilia Castiglione

Delivery manager

«We are more than a company. We are a group of people enthusiastically and passionately sharing an entrepreneurial project that wants to best promote the products of our land. We make it with commitment, obstinacy, will of growing, within a corporate organisation with care in every single detail where quality and human relations make the difference. In every Bacco’s product there is a family working behind. Do you want to know our secret? This is definitively that!»

Vito Savoca Bacco

Vito Savoca

Store manager

«What can I say? I’m working in a small company that is quickly growing but that is already working, thinking and is structured as a big company. Our logistical structure has already been organised for long so as to meet the new commercial challenges on the horizon. We are ready!»

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