Almond Paste for Drinks and Granite

Product in paste to realize almond drink and almond granita, with 40% of dried fruit. Without preservatives and aromas.

Typical Sicilian product, diluted in water becomes delicious almond milk, refreshing in the summer or all year, ideal for make almond ice cream and granita. 

Almond milk is a drink obtained from the infusion of almonds in water, finely chopped and then squeezing the same to release all the juice. It is often used by vegans and vegetarians for its undisputed benefits on the body and as an ideal substitute for common cow's milk.

For almond drink: Melt 250 gr in 1 litre of water. You can use an immersion blender to melt faster. Strain. Serve cold.

For sorbets and granitas: Whisk 250 gr in 500ml of water. Put in the freezer. Whisk before serving. 

Available in 200gr or 1 kg piece.



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